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Connecting your  to the marketplace.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Manage and Sell Your Collectibles. Start Selling on the World’s Most Trusted Marketplaces at the Same Time – in Just Minutes!


Mascot is Free to Use! Start Managing and Selling Your Collectibles Now.


No more clunky, time consuming spreadsheets! Simply upload your collection to pull in industry-leading data, giving you unique insights into your inventory and saving you countless time and effort.

Manage & Optimize

What gets measured gets managed! Get insights and reporting on inventory and performance with our powerful inventory management tools and performance dashboard.


Get your items in front of the largest pool of interested buyers, all at once! Maximize your odds of success while eliminating the potential for double sales by automatically removing sold items from all other marketplaces.

Integrated with Trusted Market Leaders

Sell on Multiple Marketplaces

Seamlessly integrate your marketplace accounts into Mascot and blast out your listings to multiple marketplaces at once – maximizing eyeballs without any additional work! 

Save Countless Hours

Manage your collection and your listings with bulk syncing, listing and editing tools. Once an item sells on one marketplace, Mascot instantaneously and automatically removes the other listings – minimizing any risk of double sales. 

Gain a Competitive Edge

Some of the biggest market participants use similar capabilities to gain a competitive advantage – you should have them at your disposal too! Any questions or issues? We are always here to help.

Trusted By the Most Prominent Dealers, Collectors, Hobby Shops, Consignment Shops & Trade Shows in the Industry.



Maximize Eyeballs

Reach +190% more unique buyers by listing on multiple marketplaces compared to those who sell on a single channel.
(Source: BigCommerce)


Lasting Results

Improve your sales conversion rates by up to +78% through clear product descriptions and listings.
(Source: Nielsen Norman Group)


Sales Increase

Increase sales by an average of +7% through good inventory management practices.
(Source: The Aberdeen Group)

Here’s What Mascot Users Are Saying

Mascot has truly become the leading inventory management system for the trading card hobby, and it's what we use at CardsHQ to manage thousands of cards.

Geoff WilsonCardsHQ & Sports Card Investor

Once people understand this, they are going to sh*t.

Gary VaynerchukVaynerX, VaynerMedia, VeeFriends

The masses are going to be very excited to have their items seen by more people, have their items hopefully sell for more money and faster. Sounds like a dream come true.

Leighton SheldonJust Collect

This platform takes away the pain and pressure of collecting, and allows you to enjoy the hobby more.

Omar CurielRetro Hoops Breaks

You guys need to look at this and check it out. The ability to list at lightning speed and blast it out to multiple marketplaces is something I haven’t experienced in this industry. This is a whole new level.

Brad BethuneTexas Card Dude

I spend a lot of time listing things for sale. Going forward, it’s going to be through Mascot because of the flexibility. I rarely hear about a new concept and immediately say “I want it.” This is going to be the platform going forward.

Scott RapoportCo-host, Lemme Get That Podagraph

Mascot has increased my enjoyment of collecting, and has made me a better collector. The product is dummy proof. I can't recommend it enough.

Steven L.Collector

Mascot is a game-changer for the collectibles industry. I have been looking for a solution like this for years. Within minutes, I can begin to monitor and monetize my portfolio.

David MarinoWaxstar Collectibles

What used to take hours now takes minutes. Every collector should have this tool in their arsenal.

Jeff HartPatriot Sports Cards

I just sync’d 124 items into Mascot and it was super easy.

Nels LindahlCollector

Without Mascot, listing lots of items on marketplaces is such a chore. With Mascot, it's not. The way you list in bulk through Mascot is really cool.

Cousin TonyCousins Collectibles Podcast

I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of thousands of folks in the business when I say that Mascot is one of the GREATEST additions to the trading card industry since eBay! You've made my life (and my boss's life) so much easier.

Emmie DarlaLinage Sports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell on multiple marketplaces all at once through Mascot?

Yes, Mascot supports multi-sales channel distribution. Currently users can list items simultaneously on eBay, MySlabs, TikTokShop, Veriswap, MyCardPost, ComicConnect, Amazon, and Shopify (which also provides distribution to Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels) directly through Mascot. We anticipate integrating with additional marketplaces and sales channels in the future.

How can I upload my collection to Mascot? How long does it take?

Mascot supports numerous convenient methods to upload your holdings to the platform: by serial number(s), CSV files, and/or uploading scans or images. These methods can be done in bulk, or on a per asset basis. Syncing and uploading your assets to Mascot can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on bandwidth. Studies have shown that, through good inventory management practices, sales increase by an average of 7%, in addition to saving countless hours and undue stress. (Source: The Aberdeen Group)

What types of collectible items does Mascot support?

Mascot currently supports sports cards, TCG, non-sport cards, and comic books – with more categories launching in the near future!

Is there a fee for Mascot?

Mascot is free to all users. The basic inventory management and multi-sales channel capabilities will continue to be free to users. Our commercial relationships with marketplaces and vendors allow us to offer these tools for free to you. In the future, there will be additional premium add-on features rolled out. 

What types of collectors/users will find value in Mascot?

Mascot creates value for just about any type of market participant, ranging from the casual collector to the high profile dealer to some of the most prominent and established companies in the collectibles industry.