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Connecting your  to the marketplace.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Manage and Sell Your Collectibles. Start Selling on the World’s Most Trusted Marketplaces at the Same Time – in Just Minutes!


Mascot is Free to Use! Start Managing and Selling Your Collectibles Now.


Sync your inventory to Mascot effortlessly through our leading integrations and partnerships. Unlimited amounts of inventory and listings for FREE.

Manage & Optimize

Quickly manage, price, and account for your inventory across multiple channels. Utilize our advanced analytics and accounting tools to stay on top of your game.


Maximize eyeballs by cross-listing your inventory on multiple, leading marketplaces. Mascot automatically and instantly delists items from other channels when a sale occurs.

Integrated with Trusted Market Leaders

Sell on Multiple Marketplaces

List items on eBay, Whatnot, TikTok Shop, MyCardPost, Shopify, and Square instantly and simultaneously with Mascot! Through Shopify and Square, crosslist to Amazon, Walmart, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, and more. Launch auctions directly on either eBay or Whatnot straight from Mascot.

Save Countless Hours

Mascot will add significant efficiencies to your operation without adding cost. Sync your listings across multiple platforms, including e-commerce, in-store, and trade show experiences. Remove time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as image scanning, listing and description creation, and listing and delisting on multiple platforms.

Gain a Competitive Edge

The largest and most prominent market participants choose Mascot. Using our cutting-edge technology and decades of real-world collectibles experience, Mascot powers hobby shops, dealers, trade shows, consignment shops, breakers, repackers, and marketplaces. 

Trusted By the Most Prominent Dealers, Collectors, Hobby Shops, Consignment Shops, Breakers & Repackers, & Trade Shows in the Industry.



Maximize Eyeballs

Reach +190% more unique buyers by listing on multiple marketplaces compared to those who sell on a single channel.
(Source: BigCommerce)


Lasting Results

Improve your sales conversion rates by up to +78% through clear product descriptions and listings.
(Source: Nielsen Norman Group)


Sales Increase

Increase sales by an average of +7% through good inventory management practices.
(Source: The Aberdeen Group)

Here’s What Mascot Users Are Saying

Mascot has truly become the leading inventory management system for the trading card hobby, and it's what we use at CardsHQ to manage thousands of cards.

Geoff WilsonCardsHQ & Sports Card Investor

Once people understand this, they are going to sh*t.

Gary VaynerchukVaynerX, VaynerMedia, VeeFriends

Mascot's industry-leading inventory management solutions have become an invaluable source for collectibles enthusiasts who need digital options for their collections.

Steven R. EichenbaumCEO of the Certified Collectibles Group

Mascot has made our operations a lot more efficient and productive without even adding any more people to the operation.

Frank TanzaLong Island Sports Cards

If you're not using Mascot, you're working at such a disadvantage. I can't imagine there's a scenario in which you're a hobby shop and not using Mascot, right? I've tried all other platforms and Mascot is by far the best - and I'd argue that forever.

Jesse PittmanGas Breaks

JustCollect’s sales have been up 519% since using Mascot. I highly encourage you to contact Ezra and the Mascot team. They have been invaluable to us at JustCollect.

Leighton SheldonJust Collect

You guys need to look at this and check it out. The ability to list at lightning speed and blast it out to multiple marketplaces is something I haven’t experienced in this industry. This is a whole new level.

Brad BethuneTexas Card Dude

What used to take hours now takes minutes. Every collector should have this tool in their arsenal.

Jeff HartPatriot Sports Cards

Mascot has increased my enjoyment of collecting, and has made me a better collector. The product is dummy proof. I can't recommend it enough.

Steven L.Collector

Mascot has been a pretty amazing platform for us. We've totally geeked out on it. I highly suggest that any dealers, any hobby shops, any sellers check it out and get their inventory in there. I promise you'll like it, too.

Kat TauscherBayview Cards

I just sync’d 124 items into Mascot and it was super easy.

Nels LindahlCollector

Mascot is very effective. Definitely something everyone should look into.

Andy MadecProminent Dealer

I love Mascot for many reasons. I can list 100 cards in a minute, with pictures populated and titles formed. What other inventory management tool can do all this?

Tony LaGrecaDynamite Packs

This platform takes away the pain and pressure of collecting, and allows you to enjoy the hobby more.

Omar CurielRetro Hoops Breaks

Mascot is a game-changer. I've never heard or seen anything quite like THIS.

Rob VeresBurbank Sports Cards

Without Mascot, listing lots of items on marketplaces is such a chore. With Mascot, it's not. The way you list in bulk through Mascot is really cool.

Cousin TonyCousins Collectibles Podcast

I spend a lot of time listing things for sale. Going forward, it’s going to be through Mascot because of the flexibility. I rarely hear about a new concept and immediately say “I want it.” This is going to be the platform going forward.

Scott RapoportCo-host, Lemme Get That Podagraph

Mascot is a game-changer for the collectibles industry. I have been looking for a solution like this for years. Within minutes, I can begin to monitor and monetize my portfolio.

David MarinoWaxstar Collectibles

Mascot is one of the most innovative ideas to come around in a long time.

Karlos DiegoSluggers55, Prominent Dealer

I found this company, Mascot, that has changed my life. I thought it was going to be impossible to catalog and list my entire collection and then I found Mascot. It changed my life, and it will change yours. Give it a try and you'll never go back.

Jon ReimboldProminent Collector

I'm sure I'm speaking on behalf of thousands of folks in the business when I say that Mascot is one of the GREATEST additions to the trading card industry since eBay! You've made my life (and my boss's life) so much easier.

Emmie DarlaLinage Sports

Mascot is a lifesaver for me, taking my business to the next level! It's working to make more sales daily!

Chip FloCardSharks, Prominent Dealer

I'm really loving Mascot. What a nightmare it was to track all my inventory across the various selling platforms. Now it's so much easier.

Peter MurrayEast End Sports Cards

Mascot simplifies our storefront and online experience. We can inventory and list thousands of cards on multiple sites at the same time, including our own website, eBay, and many others.

Tommy LasordaThe Coffee Breakers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell on multiple marketplaces all at once through Mascot?

Yes, with Mascot, you can list items on multiple marketplaces at the same time.  Currently, Mascot users can list items simultaneously on eBay, Whatnot, TikTok Shop, MyCardPost, Square, and Shopify (which also provides distribution to Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels). When item(s) sell on one marketplace, Mascot will automatically and instantly de-list the items from all other integrated sales channels. You can also list auctions on either eBay or Whatnot directly through Mascot. 

How can I upload my collection to Mascot? How long does it take?

Mascot supports numerous convenient methods to upload your holdings to the platform: by serial number(s), UPC codes, CSV files, uploading scans or images, and adding manually. These methods can be done in bulk, or on a per asset basis. Syncing and uploading your assets to Mascot can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on bandwidth. Studies have shown that, through good inventory management practices, sales increase by an average of 7%, in addition to saving countless hours and undue stress. (Source: The Aberdeen Group)

What types of collectible items does Mascot support?

Mascot currently supports sports cards, TCG, non-sport cards, sealed wax, comic books, tickets, and supplies and accessories – with more categories launching in the near future! Graded or raw are supported.

Is there a fee for Mascot?

Many aspects of Mascot are completely free. Users can manage an unlimited amount of inventory and have an unlimited amount of listings to eBay, Whatnot, MyCardPost, and TikTok Shop for FREE. Our commercial relationships with marketplaces and vendors allow us to offer these tools for free to you. Users who want to integrate Shopify and/or Square will need a Mascot Pro subscription, which starts at $99/month, with the first two months free. High volume seller? Contact us directly:

What types of collectors/users will find value in Mascot?

Mascot creates value for just about any type of market participant, ranging from hobby shops, dealers, breakers, repackers, consignment shops, trade shows, and marketplaces, to the casual collector/seller. Many of the largest players in the market rely on Mascot to power their operations.